About Us

About Big Dumb Gaming

Big Dumb Gaming merges fun & professionalism

We created Big Dumb Gaming to bring good, dumb fun back to eSports

Extreme, right?

Watching a player rage and yell at their teammates is an oddly fun to watch, but it never lasts. It’s significantly less fun to be on the receiving end of that situation and without fail these teams dissolve over the years and struggle to perform well. We believe that “tilt”, the concept that a low morale makes you play bad, is one of the most important factors in the performance of a team. We created Big Dumb Gaming to maximize fun and high performance, while still maintaining our real life responsibilities.

Who are you dummies?

We are career professionals, students, fathers, you name it. But most of all we are gaming enthusiasts. Right now, esports is a gold rush, but we believe in a sustainable vision for the scene. Community, fun, and achievement is the holy trinity of player performance and happiness. Our players agree. We have some of the lowest player turnover of any competitive team out there. People don’t choose to leave Big Dumb Gaming, and when they have to quit, they often stay on the team as a casual rather than look elsewhere.

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Mission Statement

Compete with the best teams, but at a much lower time commitment and lighthearted environment.

BDG prides itself of having a non-toxic environment, and we take active steps to address players who start to act out of line. We mostly make dad jokes and puns, and while fun is a huge priority in our raid we have high expectations for how everyone in the raid performs. Near 100% attendance is expected (bearing emergency or holidays) and at least a couple hours of research on each fight in the instance.

Want to join Big Dumb Gaming?

If you think you fit the bill, please reach out. But keep in mind that we are a professional organization, and much like a company we only consider applicants with a solid history of competitive gaming. We won’t be taking a chance on you just because you’re hungry, you have to convince us.