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Internet / Computer DCs

So we've actually started having a real issue with losing a considerable # of pulls and wiping from just dc's. It's pretty imperative we fix these issues, it's as big of an optimization as anything else at this point.

In terms of the computer issues, I would be happy to remote into anyone's computer and just do a full tune up on it. I'll update your drivers, clean your reg, defrag if it's needed, and make sure that you're never having issues with your computer at least.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop and i'll do it whenever.


In terms of Internet, some of this may be computer related, but it's on you all to give your ISP a call and just let them know that you are having intermittent connection issues. It'll drop for a few minutes then come back up, at random (or not so random) times of night. Most ISP's will send a tech out for free if it's an issue related to them and not you. Some of you may need a new modem from them, some a new tap, some are having interference that can be fixed pretty easily. Just call them and see what you can do. Bonus points for screaming, they'll hook you up to calm you down.