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OBS Guide

I hear a lot of people asking about this software and unsure about how to set it up. It's really much more simple than most people think, so I thought I'd just make a quick guide. 


These are different layouts, you can have a scene of just your webcam full screen, or a scene that you have only wow, or some mixture of literally anything.

Use this to layer your elements over your wow, pretty straightforward


General - you can leave this default


  1. Encoder: x264
  2. Check "Use CBR"
  3. Max Bitrate: 5-8k (i use 6k)
  4. Check "Enable CBR Padding"
  5. Check "Use Custom Buffer Size"
    1. This should match your internet speed
    2. 1-4k if streaming
    3. uncheck "use custom buffer size" if just saving to file
  6. Audio - leave default

Broadcast settings - You can make this whatever you need, theres hella guides on this. If you're exporting to file make sure you use drive:path.mp4 instead of .flv.

Resolution - Default should be fine, if you're using a high res monitor (like 4k) or you're having performance issues, downscale the resolution as needed. 90% of the time, you shouldn't be recording at higher than 30 fps. If you have an incredible computer go for it. 

Audio - Again something you can leave mostly default, but do some testing. Most people will need to boost their audio or mic 1-2, test this.

Hotkeys - Use as needed, most streamers don't

Advanced/Quick Sync Encoders- These can safely be left to default for 99.99% of users.

Most the time all you need to do is record a few times to file and just test. Really everything quality related can be found under encoding, otherwise it's just testing audio. The higher your bitrate the better the quality, anything after 10k isn't noticable. But your file size will also increase. 6k is a great medium, pretty much no loss in quality and overall pretty small file sizes.