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Website Patch Notes / Requests

There's already a thread about this somewhere, but I figured I'd make another to try and keep everyone up to speed on things that are being added/request new features. 

3-1 (and some before)

  • Added wowhead auto-tooltips. Any link to a wowhead item will be turned into a [Icon][ItemName] link that you can hover over
  • Fixed page load times
  • Added a few people to the stream page, let me know if you want to be on it too
  • Fixed several issues with the application submission process, and added the ability for us to manage apps from our control panel
  • Increased general contrast on the site so things aren't quite so washed out. 


Text in "Insert Link" pop-up is invisible.


  1. The order that posts are shown. There was some small discrepencies where the post recently replied post wouldn't show at the top of the list beneath sticky.
  2. Started/nearly finished work on a "view unread posts" function. Should be done this weekend when I get a second to make it look pretty.

Yeah whetever, fixed the insert links popup and added unread posts link below the recent posts.

View unread posts lets me see all the posts I don't have access to. At least the title/date.

Adding to that, I can see threads from over a year ago. Dunno if possible but only limit thread access to when I joined so I don't have to scroll through miles of aged threads might be a nice QOL fix

Smoke you should go into each forum and click the "Mark all posts as read" button, then it'll catch you up on everything so the forums only have an unread icon when it's actually unread.

Ok fam, fixed quoting so it isn't a nightmare. It'll now place your cursor after the quote on a blank line. 

Added alert for when there is a live stream

Added alert for when there is a video added in the last 1.5 weeks

Fixed forum avatars to be perfect circles instead of odd dimensions making them info half circles

Fixed a bug with viewing unread posts




blooblahguy wrote:


Fixed forum avatars to be perfect circles instead of odd dimensions making them info half circles




u wot m8