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Website Patch Notes / Requests

I've been sorta itching for stuff to do on the site. Any requests to make the website even cooler?

FYI replaced our text editor with a new one, because i'm tired of tinymce's bullshit. Lmk if you run into any issues or have any feature requests for it. 

Edit: Also put recent posts in the mobile nav, so you don't have to scroll through the homepage

Since your last update, this never goes away:

since auto links were messed up, we're back to tinymce (for now)

page indices on threads seem a bit messed up:

also, view unread is showing me pages in no obvious order (maybe by subforum?). I have unread threads from 3 years ago, which is fine, but I'd prefer the newest unread threads get returned first and foremost. I think I also went through each subforum and set all to viewed, so I'm not 100% sure what I can do to toggle all these old threads as viewed besides going into them one by one. maybe they're under some subforum I missed.

a shortcut to mark all unread threads as read (from the view unread page) would be nice, too.

Website patch notes:

  • (a few weeks ago) I rewrote a lot of the queries on the website to increase speed significantly
  • Rewrote pagination so that it displays correctly
  • Rewrote "View Unread" page to load significantly faster
  • Added a "Mark All Read" to the "View Unread" page.

Enjoy bbs

Can I get a list of things that are broken on the new website so I can take care of it with all this free time?

Cannot open the forums button on mobile. I can still get there by doing but cannot click the bar at the top.

This upload box has no buttons on top of it for formatting
uploading images
the '...' to the right of posts doesnt show anything

i typed most of those on separate lines and they showed up all on one? is this reddit?