This boss gets a hard R. Seriously this boss was simultaneously one of the worst and best designed fights of all time. I absolutely hated it. We had to bring in an alt DK for the kill, which was 680 a week before. 

Thorlok September 18th, 4:26am

 My daughter rolled out of bed, hit her head on the floor, and started screaming at about 5%. Good thing we killed it there so I could afk for the screenshot.

Sekihatsuki September 18th, 5:56am

Of B O Y S!!!!

Sponsored September 18th, 6:09am

I think we can all agree that we all played a lot better with Seki gone. I mean I was pulling off some moves I never even thought possible when I didn't have to worry about rezzing that lock all the time

Sekihatsuki September 18th, 7:16am

Hey fuck you guy, the reason why he didn't drop the mount was because I wasn't there.

Spart September 20th, 3:21am

Something to hold you over until Dhaubbs finishes, I forgot to change my settings with the new headset, so I didn't get any mumble/game sounds, hopefully you aren't too disappointed : /

blooblahguy September 24th, 8:22pm

Bump for kill video, as always nice job dhobbs.


Sleepysan September 24th, 9:04pm

 Video is private?

Sekihatsuki September 24th, 10:03pm

 What.the.fuck. This isn't hard to do.

Dhaubbs September 24th, 10:07pm

Wtf is this.
K well its up now kek blooblers

Ascher101 September 24th, 10:16pm




Sekihatsuki September 24th, 10:38pm

Man it's like....I wasn't there.....

Sponsored September 24th, 11:33pm

No lie that was an awesome kill video, thanks dad <3

Krayto September 25th, 1:26am

Those bleepers though. 

Dhaubbs September 25th, 9:54am

eek, reddit pussies.

Sponsored September 25th, 10:06am

Going to give that guy gold

Dhaubbs September 27th, 12:59am

Yikes reddit is a bunch of pussies.

Dhaubbs September 27th, 1:07am

 Omg so I'm pissed about this guy reporting me.

So I'm looking through his comments, and he's actually just a homophobic, racist, biggoted piece of shit, who has a problem with the word nigger.  The irony is killing me.

Peak September 27th, 1:43am

I bet he misses his grips too. 

Sekihatsuki September 27th, 2:09am

See what happens when sponsored acts like a fucking nigglit....

Sleepysan September 27th, 2:36am

Man I've watched this thing like 4 times now, that kill felt good!