Sleepysan September 27th, 2:37am
Dhaubbs wrote:

 Omg so I'm pissed about this guy reporting me.

So I'm looking through his comments, and he's actually just a homophobic, racist, biggoted piece of shit, who has a problem with the word nigger.  The irony is killing me.

Everyone go downvote all his shit.

I guess you could also just edit out all the shit at the end but yeah like, the mod's post was super hypocritical

Comfykinz September 27th, 2:44am

what reddit was this posted on


Sponsored September 27th, 3:44am

Holy shit that comment the mod made is so "retarded"




Edit: Won't say nigger anymore when we're sub 30% on a boss in the likelihood that we end up on Fox News

Dhaubbs September 27th, 4:21am
Comfykinz wrote:

what reddit was this posted on





The link is down now, but you can still see the thread here