^ Hahah, oh no. After 5+ sub 5% wipes, the entire raid wanted to stay late and kill this fucker, bringing us up to US #63. To be fair, this was after a week of:

  1. Tank internet being out for an entire night
  2. Core mage accidentally formatted his pc on a progression night
  3. Core spriest vacation for a week,
  4. Core resto druid vacation for a week
  5. Bubbadub being called onto the front lines of LoL
  6. DC issues guild wide, wasting hours of progression time. 

And we still made great progress every night with offspec tanks, melee subs, and even 18 manning it for a night. Related, here's a post from when we formed at the beginning of WoD: 

^ Hahah, oh yay. We made our goal and then quite a bit more, so next tier we'll be looking to push that even further. Top 50 US?


Huge thanks to our bench/melee for being patient while we progressed on a fight that requires certain comps. Thanks to all the apps that have come through this tier, those of you who passed, and even those of you who failed. You all the real mvp. Here's a screenshot for you:

Pact April 24th, 1:54pm

Everything about that sad Keanu is excellent.

Trident00 April 24th, 2:19pm

I'm so happy you used my sad Keanu picture, that makes up for a week of superheating the bench.  Bubba is the Mufasa to my Simba:


Awesome job guys!

Comfykinz April 25th, 3:00pm

Make vidya faster pls n tyyy

Dhaubbs April 25th, 10:51pm

This one is going to take a while bungas.  Sit tight.

Comfykinz April 25th, 10:56pm

dhaubbs work faster ya dingus, We stayed up late for a kill you can work overtime on vidya.  Put some dootees and gungas in it and call it a day.

Superkickass April 25th, 11:29pm

Oh dhaubbzz I need your email so i can share my awesome p2 footage of the wall. Unless bloo boy shared it with you

Dhaubbs April 25th, 11:49pm

Implying I'm not working OT on the video, bringus.  I have other clients too lol, ones that pay me dollars.

Also yeah Glade just sent me your footage super


Comfykinz April 26th, 12:05am

Pff, Ill pay you in gum

Comfykinz May 1st, 11:13pm

i need something to watch while stranded at my girlfriends parents house 

Superkickass May 2nd, 12:05am



My super sick PoV. Highlight p2 where I can't see anything

Comfykinz May 11th, 12:16am

So this video....

Lozy May 11th, 10:16pm

What is precasting?

Comfykinz May 11th, 10:41pm

Did dobs die?


Lozy May 11th, 11:26pm

Underground sources tell me we'll see it very soon...

Thorlok May 11th, 11:40pm

I never noticed how close Jelly was to hitting the entire raid with that mark at 1%

Comfykinz May 12th, 12:23am

Soon TM

Dhaubbs May 12th, 3:37am

I literally haven't stopped working on it all weekend.  I just need to finish one more scene and it's done.  My motion tracker fucked up because the angle lens i used was too wide.  

Comfykinz May 12th, 3:38am

LIKELY STORY, using all those tech terms to throw us off.


Dhaubbs May 12th, 9:23am

ung fine, THIS is how close I am to done.  Just 2 more things.


Thorlok May 12th, 4:24pm

At least Ikkmna's fuck up has been covered.