Champion of the Light/Frida

Frida is an entry-level fight. The fight itself will alternate between two “phases”, corresponding to which seal she has active.

Mythic Frida

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Mythic Changes

Halfway through each seal, she will cast a short Prayer for the Fallen.  This will then trigger each add, alive and dead, to cast a spell after her cast completes.

  • Disciples will cast Angelic Renewal.  This is an 8s long cast that has to be kicked.  2 adds spawn per cycle, so each cycle will require 2 more kicks in the same window than the last.  If this cast gets off, the boss heals back to full, and the pull is effectively a wipe.  Notable that ‘alive’ disciples can be knocked to break their cast, but ‘dead’ disciples cannot.
  • Crusaders will cast Divine Mallet.  This is an 8s, uninterruptible channel that shoots hammers in 8 directions out from the crusader.  Since each wave adds 1 crusader, this mechanic gets more hectic each cycle.  However, if the alive crusader is on top of the dead crusaders, it makes dodging a lot easier since all the hammers stack up.

Comp Requirements

  • 2 tanks, 4 healers.
  • At least 1 DK/monk tank to handle alive add kicks(grip + kick or ring)
  • At least 6 ranged kicks


Frida is an entry-level fight.  The fight itself will alternate between two “phases”, corresponding to which seal she has active: Seal of Retribution(attack the boss), or Seal of Reckoning (attack adds).  Certain actions taken throughout the fight will buff the boss with Zealotry stacks.  Since these stacks are permanent, and will grow over course of the fight, the goal is to kill her before her stacks gets too high and healers cannot keep up with incoming damage.

Depending on tuning, our kill time is before either the 2nd or 3rd Judgment: Reckoning.  This will probably include dps-ing through a Seal of Reckoning phase and not killing the final set of adds in that phase.  Since that explosion won’t go off, stacks don’t matter during that time.

Lust after the last Judgment: Reckoning, since the time to kill is before the next one, and she will be dealing extra damage.

The fight alternates between Frida having two different seals.  The fight will start off with her buffed with Seal of Retribution. This does a few different things:

  • Every melee swing inflicts raid damage in the form of Retribution Wave.  This is simple, unavoidable raid damage that must be healed through.
  • Buffs adds near her with Aura of Retribution.
  • After ~50s, she will unleash the seal, causing one of her adds to get buffed by Judgment: Righteousness.  Generally, this add should be the first to die.
  • Any adds killed while in this phase will give the boss 20 stacks of Zealotry

After unleashing the first seal, she will immediately gain Seal of Reckoning.  This has a few effects as well:

  • Each hit taken by players other than the non-active tank will grant a stack of Zealotry.  This seems to be capped at ~1/s.  Tanks need to have the debuff Sacred Blade in order to not generate stacks, and no one from the raid will be allowed to deal damage to the boss.
  • Access to the ability Reckoning, which will hit the active tank for more damage than in the other phase.
  • After ~50s, she will unleash the seal, doing massive burst damage to the raid: Judgment: Reckoning.

Frida’s autoattacks sometimes apply Sacred Blade  which is a simple dot (has some interactions later).  Swap with the other boss tank at around 7-8 stacks.

Adds spawn in waves in this fight.  One wave will be active at the beginning of the fight, then one wave will spawn in after each Judgment: Reckoning.  A wave consists of 1 Darkforged Crusader (melee add) and 2 Anointed Disciples (ranged add, disc priest-like).  Both adds are grippable.

Darkforged Crusader:

  • Blinding Faith – At various intervals, will cast a full room blind.  If you are facing away from him when the cast completes, it will have no effect on you, otherwise it’ll blind you for 5s.
  • Crusader Strike – extra tank damage.
  • Consecration will drop at his feet.  This reduces damage taken by the adds, along with dealing damage to players.

Anointed Disciples:

  • Divine Burst – damage to a random target.
  • Penance – damage to a random target, or heals another ally.
  • Heal – heals an ally.

All of these spells are kickable, and healing spells will only heal other adds, not the boss.

  • Divine Protection – Frida will bop adds every 30s during the kill phase, just switch off the add for a few seconds when it goes out.
  • Avenging Wrath – At 30%, she will buff herself with 30% damage for the remainder of the encounter.
  • Wave of Light – She will cast a slow moving “line” at one of her adds, or at a raid member if all of them are dead.  Getting hit by this wave does damage to players, but will place a magic buff on adds that they heal every second.  This buff should be purged instantly during Seal of Reckoning.


On pull, the boss is pulled across the room, toward the entrance, and the adds are tanked near where they are.  The raid is stacked near melee, positioned in a way that their backs are to the add stacks (to naturally avoid the Crusader’s Blinding Faith but out of the path of Wave of Light) from the boss to the adds.  Tanks will have to pay attention and turn for Blinding Faith.

Most of this phase will be attacking the boss, you can use adds as resource gen for multi-dotters (ONLY as a single target increase), but they will be tanked away from the boss, so that melee won’t benefit from them.  No adds can die during this phase, or the remainder of the fight will be significantly harder.  If any adds heal in this phase, that’s not a huge deal.

The second the boss casts Judgment: Righteousness that add should be swapped to.  Kicks have to be a little better here (melee primarily kick Heal), so that adds can die.  Nothing full heals them, but it adds up.  Make sure to purge Wave of Light on all targets instantly.  Disciples should die before crusaders, and crusaders should be pulled to the corner opposite the raid before dying, so they can try to all be stacked on the same spot.  Add positioning is pretty fluid here, since they will constantly have to be moved out of Consecration.  Non-crusader tank DKs should grip Disciples out to unique spots before they die.  They don’t actually melee that hard, so this can be done with taunts as well, just try to not take them in range of the boss.

After adds die, the boss cannot be hit until after Judgment: Reckoning is cast, and she gains Seal of Retribution.

During Angelic Renewal each caster will need to be kicked (or in the case of ‘alive’ disciples, kicked/knocked/gripped?).  This will primarily be assigned to ranged.  Each ranged will be matched up 1-1 with an add (dropped marks where the adds died).  If after 4s, the adds are not kicked, anyone can fill.  There should be a max of 6 of these, and I’m pretty sure a BDK can handle the ‘alive’ 2 every time, by gripping one and kicking the other.

DODGE HAMMERS.  The back corner with all the crusaders is not safe.