We quietly launched our new website a few weeks ago, but now that we’ve worked through some bugs and improvements we’re ready to announce it to the world.


Our last website was built custom from the ground up, and while that was fun, it presented a barrier for implementing new and powerful features. Our new website leverages the WordPress codebase, but it’s much much more than that.

New & Upcoming Features

  • Raid Guides – We’ll be releasing our mythic raid guides for every boss after we’ve killed it once. In the future, our guides will automatically display the heroic versions of the guides ahead of time, and when we kill the boss on mythic the additional sections will reveal themselves to the public.
  • Class Guides – We’d like to do class guides the Big Dumb Guild way – Simple, visual, and informative. We have a lot of guides written, but decided to slate this feature for launch, as we’ll be focused on the Mythic raid race. But stay tuned, there’s more to come.
  • General Guides – We’d like to help guild leaders run their guild more effectively, players build better UIs, analytical people learn query data on Warcraft logs, and so much more. We’ll have a guide section that will serve as a more ever-green reference to some of the deepest topics in WoW raiding and beyond.
  • Team – That’s right, you may have noticed that Big Dumb Guild has become Big Dumb Gaming. Over time we will be adding additional esports teams to our roster and streaming events outside of just World of Warcraft. Stay tuned!
  • Player Profiles – View our teams and players with real information. Get access to their WA’s, UI, stream, and more.

Raid Guide Numero Uno

Our first raid guide is available immediately, check out what we have for Champion of Light. Any feedback is welcome, the possibilities are endless!

These are just a few of the upcoming and new features, what’s most exciting is that we can add and maintain content in a way that’s far easier for us. If you’re interested in staying in touch, please considering subscribing to our newsletter.

As always,

Stay Dumb

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