This tier has by FAR been our best performance, both in terms of raw pull count, leaderboard placement, and teamwork.  After our Zul setbacks (missing the reset kill, dropping ranks, having less rogues than ideal, etc), we really dug deep and put in a ton of work going forward into the last 2 bosses.  The results show.  Mythrax dead in 54 pulls, G’huun dead in 96 (this number doesn’t include the BS wipes when someone releases late and murders everyone who is eating because there’s no way to reset this boss in p1 for some reason).  BDG showed up at the end of the tier, and I couldn’t be happier with where we ended up.

Special shout out to a few different people for this tier:

  • People we put on the wrong classes.  This is our first tier we really tried to class stack against certain bosses, and that left some people high and dry.  Everyone was super chill and really in it for the team.
  • Our NASA commander and founder, Bloo.  Absolutely carried us through all of our raids, despite having commitments elsewhere and not actually playing on any boss kills.  And he’s unfairly gorgeous.

It’s been a goal for some time now to organically grow a raid team that can perform well enough to reach the front page.  With this tier we have accomplished that goal, and it feels super good to be here.  I think we’ll stay.


Pull Count – Uldir

Taloc – 1
Vectis – 24
Zek’viz – 29
Fetid – 122
Zul – 42
Mythrax – 54
G’huun – 96

Now that we’re in farm mode, our recruitment is always open for ALL classes.  You can apply right on this site!

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