ROLLERCOASTER TIER. Even though we went through some growing pains this tier I actually couldn’t be happier with how we played on Argus. The DCs were especially bad this tier, but that’s pretty much always true. NASA command raid leading helped, but everyone came together for the last boss and we jumped from 9th to 6th. We gained 5 overall world ranks this tier, world 24th now.

Thanks to the US guilds who brought great competition and specifically good sportsmanship. The reason we all do this so that we can beat each other, not beat each other up :). As always a huge thanks to our raiders/trials who remained patient for riding bench, and the socials who helped the guild with mats and splits. A special shout-out to Arranum, the king of the socials, first of his name, ruler of the gbank, and farmer of mats.

BDG is fam, BDG is life. See you guys next expansion (or ruby sanctum 2.0)

Wipe counts:

  • Garothi – 0
  • Felhounds – 2
  • Portal Keeper – 6
  • High Command – 4
  • Eonar – 7
  • Imonar – 25
  • Varimathras – 44
  • Kin’garoth – 17
  • Coven – 15
  • Aggramar – 131 (do not do the root strat we r dum)
  • Argus – 256


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