After having multiple low % wipes on Thursday night, we decided to make a strawpoll to see who could raid early on Monday so that we could get our kill before our late raid times cost us on the last boss. The entire guild made it happen, and on Monday night we killed KJ in 4 pulls securing US 6th. I can’t even begin to describe how great it feels to have everyone all on the same page and hungry to kill this boss. Even those on the bench put considerable work in analyzing logs and helping with strat pain points. Once again we end the tier a higher rank than we started it with. Great job everybody!

Special Callouts:

  • Bran & Cherry – Both rerolled on avatar to rogues and no-life grinded legendaries to be ready for KJ. Between the two of them they absolutely made the difference in us killing this as early as we did.
  • Alphabet – Literally progged 99% of our pulls, but had internet issues the night of the kill and had to sit for the kill attempt :(.
  • Our apps – We had fills ready for basically all of prog, and even though we had a lot of internet issues this tier, we were able to minimize them with quick substitutes. Zexxes specifically had what, 15 pulls? And got the kill as a sub.
  • Witts – Dropped the markers in p3 KJ and now is dhadgar

Our pull count for the tier:

  1. Goroth – 3
  2. Harjatan – 1 (world first!)
  3. Demonic Inquisition – 1
  4. Sisters of the Moon – 29 (world first!)
  5. Desolate Host – 21 (world first!)
  6. Mistress Sassz’ine – 121
  7. Maiden of Virtue – 28
  8. Fallen Avatar – 306
  9. Kil’Jaeden – 422

Now we are ready for some well-earned relaxation. We’ve never taken time off of raiding between tiers before, but as a testament to just how taxing this tier was we’ll be planning a week off. Hopefully Blizzard gives us a little more time to relax and prepare for the final tier.

There’s so much I want to say about this kill and this tier, but suffice it to say that we are all pumped to have it done. This was probably the most challenging tier ever released, primarily because of the consistency > skill requirement for so many mechanics. It took an exceptional amount of effort and preparation for everyone to remain focused each night and solve the most minute situational variables that could potentially cause a wipe. It was a battle for inches all tier long, no doubt.

Thanks everyone for the support, all of the other guilds for a great competition, and our entire guild for the great community and level of play. See you all next tier!

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