We created BDGG to bring good, dumb fun back to eSports

Extreme, right?

We believe that “tilt”, the concept that a low morale makes you play bad, is one of the most important factors in the performance of a team. We created BDGG to maximize fun and high performance, while still maintaining our real life responsibilities. We encourage healthy habits in our raiders and do what we can to support that effort. A happy player is a better player.

Who is BDGG?

BDGG has been around since 2013 and contains a group of professionals by day and gaming enthusiasts by night. We have nurses, construction workers, singers, artists, nurses, dentists, lawyers, students, teachers, and engineers in our ranks. While raiding is our main focus, we also provide content for players in the community through our educational video guides and twitch streams. We view this, as well as hosting guild sponsored events, as a way to give back to the community.

Mission Statement

Compete with the best teams, but at a much lower time commitment and lighthearted environment.

BDGG fosters a community that strives for a high level of achievement in competition whilst maintaining a lighthearted environment. BDGG utilizes our expertise in time management, research, networking, and efficiency as demonstrated by our competitive world ranks despite raiding only a fraction of the hours of our competition. BDGG was created to maximize performance, while still maintaining real life responsibilities.

Want to join BDGG?

If you think you fit the bill, please reach out. But keep in mind that we are a professional organization, and much like a company we only consider applicants with a solid history of competitive gaming. We won’t be taking a chance on you just because you’re hungry, you have to convince us.

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