^ Hahah, oh no. After 5+ sub 5% wipes, the entire raid wanted to stay late and kill this fucker, bringing us up to US #63. To be fair, this was after a week of:

  1. Tank internet being out for an entire night
  2. Core mage accidentally formatted his pc on a progression night
  3. Core spriest vacation for a week,
  4. Core resto druid vacation for a week
  5. Bubbadub being called onto the front lines of LoL
  6. DC issues guild wide, wasting hours of progression time. 

And we still made great progress every night with offspec tanks, melee subs, and even 18 manning it for a night. Related, here’s a post from when we formed at the beginning of WoD: 

^ Hahah, oh yay. We made our goal and then quite a bit more, so next tier we’ll be looking to push that even further. Top 50 US?


Huge thanks to our bench/melee for being patient while we progressed on a fight that requires certain comps. Thanks to all the apps that have come through this tier, those of you who passed, and even those of you who failed. You all the real mvp. Here’s a screenshot for you:

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