BDGG Raiding For Rain, Success!

We are incredibly humbled by the action from the community to donate to this cause. We set out to raise $10,000 for RAINN ( and exceeded our goal to a total of $11,500.

Community Sponsors

Thank you to the guilds and community websites that were a part of this event. BDGG, Midwinter and Might brought players to contribute to our giveaway of

  • 3 Mythic Nzoth mounts
  • 4 Jaina Mounts
  • 141 AOTC Carries
  • 28 Heroic Clears
  • Jdotb came through with an addition reward of a free +20 keystone carry.

Org Sponsors

WoWHead, RaiderIO, KeystoneMasters, and Gallywix came in with:

  • 2 Shadowlands Epic Editions
  • 3 Shadowlands Heroic Editions
  • 2 X-51 Nether Rockets X-Treme (TCG)
  • 1 Brutosour
  • 1 Wolly White Rhino
  • 10 Store Mounts
  • 10 Store Pets
  • 18 Months of Game Time
  • 5 Five-Mask Runs

We are absolute blown away by the support and contributions of the community in general. It's clear that we all care deeply about the kind of community we stand for. Seeing so many players vow to do better, to support one another, and to change their actions so that we can look to our community with pride.

No one person is too small to make a difference. To learn more about RAINN and what you can do to be a better ally in your life go to