What The Partnership With Golden Guardians Means For BDGG

It’s been seven days since we announced our partnership with Golden Guardians, and took a further step into World of Warcraft eSports. We’ve noticed the questions on our streams, twitter, and have seen the speculation on places like the CompetitiveWoW subreddit. We wanted to take the opportunity today to address some of the more frequently asked questions, and give our followers the answers you’re looking for. Thank you all for your continued support of our guild.

What does BDGG officially stand for?

Informally, we’re now “Big Dumb Golden Guardians”, but we’re going by the acronym “BDGG”. In the past, we have often gone by the name “BDG” and Golden Guardians has gone by the acronym “GG”. Merging our two brands together got us to BDGG.  

What does that mean for BDGG now?

Not much changes for us in the sense that our goals and core values remain the same, but now we have a much larger platform/support group to make those goals a tangible reality. Looking forward, you will see some of our streamers being far more active and some new BDGG content such as guides and kill videos appearing more consistently across our platforms such as Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and our written guides on Wowhead.

What are some of the benefits of being partnered with Golden Guardians?

The primary benefit is having the support of an organization to accomplish our goals, both in and out of competitive raiding. GG is going to play a role in helping us build up the shared BDGG brand, grow our streamers, enable us to produce better quality content, and provide us with the support we need to compete in upcoming WF races. This partnership also allows us access to more resources. These resources will enable us to raise more money for charitable causes by way of streams and giveaways in between tiers. 

What are plans for the future World First race?

From an event perspective, we’re not sure yet due to COVID-19. This remains something we have to figure out, both as a guild participating in the event, and as part of an org that wants to put on an event. We don’t even know when the next event is currently, and if COVID will still play a factor in that. From a competitive-side, our plans for progressing to WF stay the same. We made a pretty big jump from Eternal Palace to Ny’alotha in terms of attitude/time commitment, and intend to make another leap in Castle. We don’t think we’ll get to a point where we’re directly competing with WF guilds in terms of hours for Castle, but the end goal is to get there by either the 2nd or 3rd tier in Shadowlands.

Are things in BDGG changing internally now that we’ve partnered with Golden Guardians?

Fundamentally, no. We’ve been really successful for 6 years. We’ve been continually rising in rank tier after tier and we don’t intend to change what has made us work. As one of the guild founders, Blooblahguy (Glade), said recently, most of our long-term members have the mentality of "BDG is the last place I'll ever raid". We don't want to lose that. This partnership will enable us to build upon what we have. The officers have been in talks about how to go in a more “hardcore” direction for a few tiers now and this felt like the right opportunity to help get us there.